Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jeff + Katy

One thing I love about the art of portrait photography is that it is very spontaneous.  You can have an idea of what you want in your mind, but ultimately everything is unpredictable.  The lighting, the weather, [and if you're photographing children] the temper tantrums, the snotty noses, the complete disregard of your commands to Just Hold Still For One Second!  Honestly, I don't mind.  And I tell parents when their kids are acting up, that I expect it.  Because I do [especially from two year olds].  It's my job to catch the beautiful moments anyway.  And I like being able to do that.  I like that in the results are always a surprise, even to me.

This is my brother, Yeffy, his wife, Katy, and their little Felicity. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

grieve family

spring in davis county

still looks an awful lot like fall, but I love all the browns and yellows.  love these kids, too.