Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my boys

I've been slowly adding to my home studio over the past few months.  Winters here are just too long, and it's nice to have the versatility, especially for newborns and small children.  I will dream of the someday ahead when my studio is more than a room in my basement, but for now am content to have this.  My handsome boys were in a good mood and willing to help me test this setup out before some clients came over.  Ben just adores his "Bubba."  

Monday, January 9, 2012

at play

It's January but it feels like Spring.  What else would you do but go outside and play as much as possible?  I looked out and saw Ben in the sandbox, digging so quietly and happily, and knew that it was a moment I wanted to capture. 

It is one of my photography goals this year to be more deliberate in my photo-taking of my own children. Meaning, I want to involve them more in mini "sessions."  I get so busy with other things, with clients, with life, and need to remember my most important clients are my own children.  I'd like to do some styled shoots this year {several ideas kicking around in my head that I really hope I can make happen--so stay tuned}.  

This wasn't one of those shoots.  :)  This was me being in the moment with Ben.  But by paying more attention, I hope I turned what might have just been snapshots into something a little more beautiful.