Thursday, July 22, 2010

erika + john {wed}

At the end of June I had the incredible opportunity to fly down to Riverside, CA to shoot this wedding.  Incredible because of three reasons:  One, Erika is an artist, and I've known her a long, long time, so I felt I knew what she'd like, and I knew she trusted my vision.  {I had a pretty good vision in my mind of how I wanted the images to turn out, even before I began shooting, and am really happy with the results.}  Two, it was the most UNstressed I've ever been about a shoot.  Seriously.  Her family is so fun and the day was so casual.  Three, Erika and John are a gorgeous couple, which made my job a lot easier!  Four, I got to sneak away from my family for a weekend, which was fun, and also drive up to Bakersfield for two days to see my brother and his family.  And Five, I got to make the long drive home with my bestest Lis, and even though her kids were with us, it almost felt like a road trip.  Okay, so that was five reasons.

It was really hard to narrow down which pictures to post on the blog, so there are a ton.  I couldn't help it.

Congratulations Erika and John!  Thanks for letting me share the day with you!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a whole lotta people

An extended family shoot from a couple of weekends ago.  Seven adults.  Eleven kids.  One dog.  And a couple of wandering horses.  It could have been completely crazy, but it actually wasn't (thank heavens!).

Here are some of my favorite shots.