Thursday, July 22, 2010

erika + john {wed}

At the end of June I had the incredible opportunity to fly down to Riverside, CA to shoot this wedding.  Incredible because of three reasons:  One, Erika is an artist, and I've known her a long, long time, so I felt I knew what she'd like, and I knew she trusted my vision.  {I had a pretty good vision in my mind of how I wanted the images to turn out, even before I began shooting, and am really happy with the results.}  Two, it was the most UNstressed I've ever been about a shoot.  Seriously.  Her family is so fun and the day was so casual.  Three, Erika and John are a gorgeous couple, which made my job a lot easier!  Four, I got to sneak away from my family for a weekend, which was fun, and also drive up to Bakersfield for two days to see my brother and his family.  And Five, I got to make the long drive home with my bestest Lis, and even though her kids were with us, it almost felt like a road trip.  Okay, so that was five reasons.

It was really hard to narrow down which pictures to post on the blog, so there are a ton.  I couldn't help it.

Congratulations Erika and John!  Thanks for letting me share the day with you!


Andy said...


Thanks a TON for posting these. I was taking video with my camera and didn't get any stills.

You definately have an eye for capturing the perfect moment.



Jessica said...

These are fantastic! Love them.

Corinne said...

Could that be any more WONDERFUL? WONDERFUL for all five of those reasons and the pictures are fantastic. I feel like I was there (wish I was!!)