Friday, May 28, 2010

anna is three

Well, technically she's three and a half, but who's counting? [answer: me.  every blonde hair on her head, every night we kiss goodnight, every snuggle she gives, every day that she grows older]

Anna and I went out last week for a few pics.  I've been wanting to get some shots of her in this hat, because she loves to dress up in it and I think it's darling.  We only had a few minutes before the sun set, before she ran to the promised playground, before I ran out of memory on my card.  But I think we got some beauties.  She's a natural model, coming up with many of these poses on her own.

Love this girl.  How can you not?

and my very favorite [the quintessential anna pout]:


Corinne said...

She is so great, Tam. The hat makes the pictures. That and your skillz, of course :)

Chelsea Parsons said...

Tami, Im so glad you left a comment on my blog... SO cool to see what you are up to. Loving your shots, your post processing is super cool. Love Chels