Thursday, August 5, 2010

danny + mel {engaged}

I think this was my favorite shoot to date.  Great locations, great lighting (right before sunset one day and then early, early morning the next), great outfits (nice job, Melanie!), and beautiful faces.  We did these mostly on Sunday evening and I couldn't believe how empty the streets were!  It felt like we had the whole downtown to ourselves, which meant I wasn't afraid of getting run over while I stood in the middle of the road.

Did I mention that this is my brother?  I'm so excited to have a new sister in the family!  Congratulations you two (oh, and it's about TIME!....did I just write that out loud?).  Love you guys!


Sybil said...

Love these pictures! They are all so great. Love these guys, too!

Diana said...

These are so beautiful. I love them all, and what an adorable couple. -sigh- I wish you were here :(