Saturday, December 11, 2010

lis {portrait photography}

I wasn't going to share these, but then decided I loved them too much not to.  I told her, "it's fun editing photographs of your best friend because I know all the expressions and which ones are authentically you," and it's true.  Aren't I lucky to have such a beautiful best friend?  Good thing I'm waaay beyond the whole teenage jealousy phase.

We shot outside for, oh, maybe three minutes.  It was coooold!  And her little boy was crying through the sliding glass doors, which was heartbreaking and also a little funny.  Also heartbreaking was that my lens died just as we were about to begin.  Agh!  So I had to dust off my 18-55 mm kit lens (the only other one I had at the time), and felt grateful that this wasn't a paying session!  We did the remainder inside her house, which turned out to be perfect because the last photo of her surrounded by her books?  That's the authentic Lis.


Emily said...

Naturally, these are all amazing. Lis is so pretty. And I do love the one with the books (and on the bed), but my fav is the one is the second to last one. Her expression is perfect I think. It's SO Lis to me. Nice job, Tam.

Ericksens and their half dozen said...

Tami, you are so talented. These are great and I am glad you shared these. She is just as pretty as I remember-she hasn't changed. But Tami, you have a grace about you too. You are a beautiful lady-don't forget that.