Wednesday, November 2, 2011

pitt {family}

I am loving this season.  I always have, but being a photographer has taught me to love it even more.  The light and colors of autumn are so beautiful!  

This family was just plain fun and made my job easy by being so gorgeous.  I mean, come on, what's better than redheads in the fall?  We scheduled this shoot for a weekend I would be in Bountiful.  We agreed on a location, and I knew there was a fairly good chance I'd run into a few other photographers, as it's a popular canyon, but holy moly!  If you saw a pull-back shot on any of these photos you'd see a photographer here, here, here and here.  Oh, and here and here (that's you imagining me pointing).  But we found a few great pockets of light anyway.  

It was so great meeting (and re-meeting) you, Pitt family!  Let's do it again, shall we?  

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MADI said...

My favorite people all together - I should have come just to hang out! These are wonderful Tam!