Wednesday, July 18, 2012

wilburs {idaho falls family photographer}

I'm getting a bit behind on blogging some of the sessions I've had these past few months.  Such is summer, I suppose.

This session will always remind me that I am capable of doing some pretty humiliating things in order to get the shot.  We figured out about halfway through that the little guy would smile if I would sing "The Marvelous Toy."  So I stood on the sidewalks of downtown, belting it out, and trying to ignore the strange looks.  Also, at one point I was down on the ground trying to get just the right angle--Mama was right there with me--when someone pulled over because he thought we were having a medical emergency.  Ha ha....nope.  That's just called being a dedicated photographer.

I love the gorgeous light we had that evening, and little Greyson is about as cute as they come (remember his newborn session?).

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