Saturday, January 19, 2013

the owl queen

The slower winter months give me time to catch up on some personal projects, and this is one that is been in the works for many months. My daughter wanted to do a photo shoot with me, and at first I thought we'd just do a typical portrait shoot. Then I started thinking about incorporating some of the things she loves, which right now is owls and reading. As we talked about it, it evolved into something so much more personal and creative for both of us.

 This girl of mine is brilliant. She's smart, yes, but what I mean is that she just shines. She has had some struggles in her short life, but she is so full of spunk and personality, imagination and bravery. I wanted all that to show through in this session.

 So we thought up a story. It's simple enough: she falls asleep and becomes an owl, then with her sidekick "Twilight," flies off to find the owl queen, who gives her a gift. When she awakes, she is delighted to see that she has brought some things back from her dreamland.

 I can't wait for the printed book to arrive so that she can always have it to remember this time in her life.  And I can't wait for the projects she and I will imagine in the future!  I'm so grateful for my little muses.


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Emily said...

Tam, this is brilliant. And absolutely darling! You need to get this published! What a fantastic idea, and the photography is stunning! You need to market! I would love to have a simliar book but with johnny as the main character. Priceless, Tam.